Why choose Regima

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  • Full Facial and Body Rejuvenation range.

  • Specialized treatments for use by Doctors, Specialist trained Skin Care Professionals.

  • Pigmentation, Wrinkles, Acne, Acne Scarring, Scars, Burns.

  • Provides Post Peel Treatment.

  • Provides Post Skin Resurfacing Laser or Hair Removal Laser Treatment.

  • Ultimate Simplicity within the Home Care Range.

  • Suitable for all skin types, ages, ethnicities.

  • Manufactured for doctors pre- and post-surgery ensuring continuity of care.

  • Powerful NATURAL ingredients providing potency without side effects (No Hydroquinone used in our pigmentation treatment).

  • Laboratory produced by internationally trained cosmetic chemists.

  • Continued International research - keeping ahead.

  • Cost efficiency providing the most potent internationally renowned product at affordable prices cutting out the middle men.

  • NO animal or human ingredients and NOT tested on animals.

  • Internationally available.

  • HIGHEST amount of NATURAL ingredients achieving ULTIMATE Anti-Ageing results.


Smoothes wrinkles and improves sun damaged skin, removes solar keratoses ’sun spots’,’age spots’, ’liver spots’, helps eliminate and control pigmentation. Helps uneven skin tone, smoothes, and uneven texture. Helps control active acne and improves old acne scarring. Helps level and smooth coarse, lumpy, hypertrophic, keloid scars. Improves flexibility and mobility of hard scarred skin and in certain cases improves function of old scarred areas. Helps restore normal pigmentation.


RegimA Facials and Skin Peels

Please note, as a standard rule from Head Office, all clients requesting Acne Pro, Rapid Rejuvo, 30 & 50% Peels, MUST be on the basic Home care Range. Kindly contact us should you have any queries with regard to this.

  • 30% Power Peel (45min) - R480.00

  • 30% Power Peel with Facial (60min) - R600.00

  • 50% Power Peel (45min) - R540.00

  • 50% Power Peel with Facial (60min) - R640.00

  • Initiation Peel (45min) - R380.00

  • Initiation Peel with Facial (60min) - R500.00

  • Rapid Rejuvenation Peel (45min) - R410.00

  • Rapid Rejuvenation Peel with Facial (60min) - R510.00

  • Acne Pro Decongesting Peel (45min) - R380.00

  • Acne Pro Decongesting Peel with Facial (60min) - R410.00

  • Double Whammy Impact Peel (45min) - R575.00
  • Double Whammy Impact Peel with Facial (60min) - R670.00

  • Instant Radiance & Luminosity Treatment for Dry/Dehydrated skin (60min) - R460.00

  • De-tox & Purifying Anti-Ageing Treatment for All Skin Types (60min) - R480.00

  • Purifying Luminosity Treatment (60min) - R480.00

  • Purifying Deep Cleansing Treatment for Younger Skins (45min) - R340.00

  • Back Treatment (60min) - R600.00

  • Skin Analysis (30min) - R150.00
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